Antonius Giancarlo

Antonius Giancarlo is a cryomancer from a small village outside of the Northwood Forest. He also plays chess. Do not call him Anton.
First appearance: #2

Emmett Anderson

Emmett Anderson is an Archmage (not Grand Archmage, that title is reserved for Violet-level Archmagi) of the Third Indigo from the city of Aetherton.
Compared to most Archmagi of his rank, he's significantly friendlier and not quite as much of a show-off.
This may be why, when outside the Castle, he prefers more generic silver robes over the standard indigo robes of his rank, a fact which has earned him another, unofficial, title which, of course, even he can't quite remember.
First appearance: #3

Joshua Ellington

Joshua Ellington is a pyromancer. He comes from the Shadowfall, which really isn't all that fun of a place. This is probably why he chose to become a fire wizard.
He is also a member of the area's largest pyromancer's guild, the Magi Incendia.
First appearance: #4


Leon is an electromancer. The regional Archduke once offered to make him a Governor, but he turned the position down.
First appearance: #5


James Andrews, alias Rocketman, is an inventor of sorts.
He may not be an actual Super, but he's the closest thing this part of the comic's world has seen in years.
First appearance: #9

Ted (?)

"Ted" (which isn't actually his name) is some guy with a fez and a very giant laser machine gun thingy.
He obviously has some sort of dispute with Emmett.
First appearance: #16